At Toxic by Brittany, my personal commitment is to crafting and sculpting natural beauty, enhancing confidence in a fun and welcoming environment. With my skilled technique, experience, and expertise, I deliver top-quality treatments. My mission is to empower clients to look and feel their best, embracing their unique beauty with trust and assurance in my services. Despite their name, most toxins are not toxic, many have beneficial applications.

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Revannesse Lips+

Cupid's Bow Lip Filler

With my signature Cupid's Bow technique, achieve confidence, hydration and selfie overload results!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

We Value Each of Our Customers

“The ONLY one I trust when it comes to needles and my face.”

Tiffany Stewart B-12, BOTOX

“Absolutely love how comfortable Brittany made me feel when I got a treatment."

Susie Hardy BOTOX

“She makes you feel like home!!!! I cannot say enough about her personality, knowledge, & expertise.”

Crystal Ferguson Filler, BOTOX

“Brittany is not only a professional and an excellent artist she’s caring, empathetic and so loving always with a smile.”

Sue Finch Lip Filler

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